Published on October 22, 2019 (Updated on July 24, 2020)

Expansive Fantasy (2.0.3) Compatibility Update for 1.19

Sorry it took us so long to update this addon thats because we have added a bunch of stuff to improve this addon

Lets start with entities

They are very hostile and very powerful, dragons have 4 variant skins, and they spawn on extreme hills, tamed dragons collar can be dyed, tamed dragons can carry 2 players, 

Wyverns have 3 types the fire wyvern, ice wyvern, and poison wyvern they spawn on custom biome hills like dragons they are also very hostile and very powerful so make sure before fighting them you have a complete gear and have the stong weapons

now if you manage to defeat the wyvern or the dragon they will transform into dead entity both wyvern and dragons have their own drop items and a 50% chance of dropping eggs when dragon and wyverns are in their dead form you will need to hold an orc axe (a.k.a draxe) to get their loot 

all eggs only hatch on their respective blocks 

dragon eggs takes 2 minecraft days to hatch

wyvern eggs takes only 1 minecraft days to hatch

Dragons and wyverns from eggs are tameable use salmon to tame them

as minecraft time goes by baby dragons and wyverns will grow or you can speed up its growing by feeding them salmon

take note that baby dragon and wyverns like to eat chickens so dont forget to leash  or make them sit and they loved to sleep most of the time,

as requested by some members on my discord we have added a riding behavior for baby dragon and wyverns, now they will ride on the shoulder of the player, to make them go down simply just hold salmon or sneak and jump

When baby dragon/wyvern becomes adult you can now ride them and fly with them but you will need a  dragon saddle to control them also take note that adult tamed dragon/wyverns will attack all hostile mobs like zombie, creeper, and all so if you take out its saddle you need to leashed them or make them sit unsaddled dragon/wyvern will not follow its owner to make them sit you need to sneak and interact with the it adult dragons/wyverns also loved to sleep you cant ride them while they are sleeping  to wake them up put or remove its saddle or make a mob go near the sleeping dragon/wyvern, 

you can breed two tamed dragon/wyvern using golden apple after a successful breeding event they will lay egg and hatch to a untamed baby dragon/wyvern

Flying mechanics are the same as the old version except the command_block now has been removed

While flying look at the dragon body and tap the look around to idle mid air

Tap fly mode to disable look around and starts flying again

When on ground you can disable the fly so you can look up without flying the dragon

Enable fly to start flying again

Look up to fly and look down to fly down

Now for fireball attack you need to fly with the dragon and you need to idle mid air or the look around interaction button then you need to hold a blaze rod and interact again to the dragon/wyvern

You have 2-4 seconds to aim where the dragon will shoot its fireball

Take note that you need to practice and calculate the fireball XD 

There are 3 types of orc and they are the very important entity on this update because they have all the recipe for custom items weapons and armors

neutral orc spawned underground throw  raw angler fish infront of them and they will open a trade for you for a limited time, give them diamond pickaxe and hold an orc axe (a.k.a draxe) to make them go mining

orc follower spawned everywhere they are very hostile and always have an orc sword

if you manage to kill them theres a 100% chance of dropping its sword this sword is upgradable through stone cutter

orc captain spawn everywhere they are also very strong and very hostile they have the draxe and they wear armor orc captain always spawn riding ravager and have 2 orc follower on his side theres a 100% chance of dropping its axe when you kill it

heres a video for orcs:

this entity have been introduced last update but we have change its behavior it has now 2 AI and they now have their own drops

this entity is the second important entity because the item it drops is the key to open the orc trade

this entity is also important because all weapons and armors are in them, see crafting recipe for this below, when you place the dracolyte and you want to remove it simple just sneak and clicked remove

now lets move to new custom biomes

on this biome you can find ice wyverns

toxic biome

poison wyvern spawned on this biome

now lets move to crafting

What�s new?

as requested by so many players we have added PEGASUS modelled by XdemigodzX right now it has only 1 skin variant im still thinking if i will add more variants to it

sorry for those who are in minecraft beta i will add pegasus soon im just kinda busy right now i will try to add it on beta version possibly next week

  Pegasus is a passive mob so dont kill them they like sleeping XD almost all mobs like to sleep anyway wild pegasus spawn at plains and savanna biome they are kinda rare ,wild pegasus will avoid standing players ,so if you want to get near them make sure to sneak and wild pegasus will randomly drop feathers but not by killing them remember dont make them sleep if they sleep move close to them but not too close just wake them up and yes they are tameable , you can tame them by feeding them golden carrots and yes you need to sneak too, 

once you tame them they will no longer drop feathers but yes you can ride them you will need to equip them with normal saddle to control tame pegasus, you can also equip chest to pegasus for extra inventory, fly? yes they can fly like dragon and wyverns you know the drill look to its body enable fly look up to fly up look down to fly down and you can heal them by feeding them wheats or apples

now lets move to another new feature for this update that darkastomed finally convinced me to add wings for this addon so here it is 

and yes they are functional right now we only added pegasus wings but it has 3 color variants black, red, and white how to fly? its simple you will need to use wing orb then look up to fly up look down to fly down i recommend changing your camera view to third person back view when flying as we added animation for flying when you are flying look down and sneak to idle mid air but be careful flying has limited time i recommend bringing atleast 2 wing orb so you can see how much time is left for your flying i swear i died many times falling in a high place XD .

now lets move to crafting recipe 

8 pegasus feather

1 phantom membrane

1 pegasus white wings

1 red dye

1 pegasus white wings

1 black dye

1 fermented spider eye

1 ender pearl

7 pegasus feathers

1 ender pearl

1 potion of slowness

heres a tutorial video 

the griffin update(1.0.5)

Griffins are aggressive creatures they resemble the cross between a lion and eagle. They�re dangerous and are able to manipulate wind with their wings, forcing powerful gust of air. Able to fly at head spinning speeds, they can snatch prey in a blink of eye. They can be tamed and are a good choice of mount if you want a companion that won�t freeze, melt, or burn your house down. If so, be my guest.

new weapons and items

essence are new drops for 

you will need to stun a griffin to be able to tame it ,you will need 

bow or crossbow and arrow of weakness use the special griffin food 

to tame a stun griffin.

Heres a tutorial video on how to tame a griffin:

 this update is only to make 2 addons compatible to Expansive Fantasy watch the video on how to setup the addons to work properly

-take note-

Expansive-fantasy behavior should be on the top of the list

Tinkers Legacy by HaxTheCharizard


Loot Bag Addon bt Iemotionless 

Tinkers Legacy:

Loot Bag Addon:

special thanks to

Video trailer:

Do not use your own link, use the appropriate link in MCPEDL

If you want to use this for your content, at least credit Dragon Force Studio .

My youtube channel:

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Changelog View more
  • added compatibility to tinkers legacy by HaxTheCharizard 
  • added compatibility to loot bag addon by iemotionless 
  • fixed the duplication bug on grappling_hook and spears
  • reduced orc captain spawn rate
  • fixed the bug for scorched biome where fire wyvern doesnt spawn
  • fixed the bug for toxic biome where poison wyvern doesn't spawn
  • updated icon_pack.png
  • added support for 1.16
  • fixed mobs not spawning at poison biome
  • optimized code
  • fix some bugs
  • optimized animation
  • reduced orc spawn rate
  • optimized the codes
  • added some story books by code_error#6844 and crackerjack96#5250 
  • added new mob (griffin) modelled and textured by demigodz 
  • added new wings(griffin wings) modelled and textured by lusciouskneez 
  • added staffs textured by JustinMN#2409 
  • added grappling_hook modelled and textured by ripper123456789#7140 
  • added ripper spear modelled and textured by ripper123456789#7140 
  • added code spear modelled and textured by code_error#6844 
  • added new mob drops(essence)
  • added pixel art on books by twiggy, ripper123456789#7140 and carlito
  • converted wing orb into mana candy
  • retextured some items by JustinMN#2409 
  • new flying mechanics 
  • new attacking mechanics 
  • optimize the code
  • added new mob griffin modelled by demigodz 
  • added staffs textured by JustinMN#2409 
  • added ripper spear modelled by ripper123456789#7140 
  • added code spear modelled by code_error#6844 
  • retextured some items by JustinMN#2409 and ripper123456789#7140 
  • added some story books
  • added grappling_hook modelled and textured by ripper123456789#7140
  • added griffin wings modelled and textured by lusciouskneez 
  • added mana system
  • new flying mechanics for player and rideable mobs
  • new attacking mechanics for rideable mobs
  • added taiwan language by @kingkingsley400#7364
  • added some pixel art to story books by carlito, ripper and twiggy
  • added pegasus
  • added wings for players
  • reduced hatching time for dragon egg from 5 days to 2 days
  • reduced hatching time for wyvern eggs from 3 days to 1 day
  • reduced blocks breaking time
  • reduced captain orcs spawn rate
  • increase wyverns spawn rate

enjoy guys XD

added support for minecraft 1.15(beta)

updated description for dragon

added dragon collar dyeable 

added 2 players can ride the dragon

dragon can have chest

  • added wyverns
  • added custom blocks
  • added custom biomes
  • improved dragon behavior
  • added orcs
  • added custom items
  • added custom weapons
  • added angler fish
  • improved sea serpent behavior
  • change pack icon
  • updated discord link
  • icon pack have been change by [twiggy]
  • added three variant skin for the dragon
  • added new mob sea serpent
  • added gliding wings animation for the dragon
  • new gliding sound for the dragon
  • replaced the function fly_system to function dragon_addon
  • added dragon egg
  • added baby dragons
  • added saddle for the dragon
  • added sleeping event and animation for dragons
  • added sitting event and animation for dragons
  • added leashed locator for dragon
  • added collar for tamed dragons


download the addon and activate to your world

Enable Experimental Gameplay 

we recommend making a copy of your world

and removing the old version of the addon before activating the new version


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