Core coder is an app specifically to handle minecraft json files and javascript files. This app will help you to develop your own  content easily and quickly.

Code editor

Our code editor is specifically made to handle minecraft json files, with live auto syntax checker, live autocompleter, copy paste undo, everything you'll need.

File Manager

The file manager is super powerful and easy to use. Displaying all information needed, so no more opening multiple windows of file browser ever again.

New! File managers now show your item icons!

Also now you have a builtin web browser :)

Project Manager

Project manager is easy to use, flexible yet super simple. My goal for this is to bring projects creations 10 times faster than not using any tools.

Integrate with multiple tools

Made to work together with these apps.

Free Version?

The free version will come per next update.

Free Version Paid Version
Github Integration No Yes
Plugins system Yes Yes
Updates Not at all Yes
Model Editor(planned) No Yes
Custom Themes No Yes

Notes if the app won't open, please make the folder not "Read only" (right click on the installation folder, then uncheck the box. Or try running the program as administrator

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