Who are we?

We are Dragon Force Studio,we develop quality addons, maps, texture packs, and skins for minecraft bedrock. Our mission is to create quality and unique addons, texture packs, skins, and maps to provide to Minecraft Bedrock players.

As a team we aim to expand the potential of Minecraft to make it a more enjoyable experience.

Team Leader

Founder of Dragon-Force-Studio. He leads the development of the team, making sure the content made by the DragonForce is high quality.

Team Modeler

Aspirational modeler on the road to success.

YouTube channel

Team Modeler

A 15 year old modeler who draws, do creative writing, sing and dance. She aims to create and implement quality textures and models to receive satisfaction from audience.

Team Manager

A.k.a Demigod. An artist with many dreams.

Team Modeler

A 14 years old teenager who loves making models and texture. Good at textures and models i love drawing.

Web Developer & Renderer

A 17 y/o. Loves making games and designing apps. Also have some skills in web development and Blender rendering.

Pixel Artist

A 15 year-old guy who loves art of any sort.

Team Modeler

A modeler and texturer who began his passion, after discovering the possibility of modding on bedrock. Once I saw the potential to learn and help create a better bedrock experience that I missed as a kid; I began to practice until I made it into our team. I’ve learned much from the team and appreciate everyone’s effort to create a greater Minecraft experience.

Team Modeler

A bossy teenager who makes models,works out,occasionally spars when they have the chance, and watches anime.

Team Coder

Minecraft Bedrock Edition modder, creator of the Tinker's Legacy mod.

Koda Soda
Team Modeler

Just an ordinary dude online that likes to model and draw.

Lykos the Fallen

I'm Lykos, I'm 14 years old, and I'll help in anyway that I can!

Majestik Butter

A person who likes chiken numgets, game development and animating.

Team Modeler

A 16 year old that’s really good at making plot and story in any shape or form.

Team Modeler

Ambitious 14-year-old; I make models, watch anime, Star Wars, and I don’t care.